ActionDirector Video Editor Cracked APK v7.3.0 [Mod Full Unlocked] 2023

ActionDirector Video Editor Cracked APK v7.3.0 [Mod Full Unlocked] 2023

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ActionDirector Video Editor 7.3.0 Apk Mod (Unlocked) for Android

ActionDirector Video Editor 7.3.0 Crack is the leading video editing application. You have to record, edit, and apply video effects and share them with friends. Create videos from the app, with a convenient movie editing tutorial to guide you as you add and edit action movie effects.

ActionDirector Video Editor Cracked APK v7.3.0 [Mod Full Unlocked] 2023

Record the next viral action movie and click the video with ActionDirector! Edit, trim, and add music to videos to create a soundtrack and highlight your proud video projects on social media and messaging apps. Video effects are included, so you can make every video look professional.

ActionDirector’s Ultra HD 4K Video Editor lets you edit videos on your mobile phone just like you would on a desktop computer. Action Movie Effects feature defining moments, with slow motion and quick edits, helping users kick off the action with a simple slider. Users can add rewind and rewind effects to their lips to create the final video.

Import your clips or photos in almost any format up to 4K resolution, and you can trim and arrange clips with the easy drag-and-drop storyboard editor. There are also accessible theme templates that automatically add things like effects and transitions in case you’re not sure where to start.

ActionDirector video editor

If you need a tool that can quickly edit your footage, you should look no further than the ActionDirector app, which comes with a couple of basic and simple features. Unlike its big brother from the same developers, PowerDirector, this app focuses on simple editing and nothing else.

With ActionDirector, you can shoot, edit, and share your videos, and you don’t have to worry about what type of field you’re going to use them for. Load the video into the editor and use features like slow motion, cropping, brightness, contrast, saturation, and video end effects with intro and outro clips, the whole process is easy, and depending on the left side of the video you might just take a few moments.

Main features:

What is Action Director?

ActionDirector is a mobile video editing app that is always on top of the best photo and video editing apps. This is understandable because developer CyberLink has been very successful in making a substantial impact on mobile devices. Previously, you could only find it in professional video editing software.

Video editing mobile apps are getting more and more attention from users. The quality of photos and videos taken from smartphones gives them the same quality as a specialized digital camera. If that’s not enough to satisfy you, ActionDirector 7.3.0 will help you make your video perfect. Also, users can create slow-motion effects, change video speed, add cartoon stickers, and do many other cool things. Your videos will be unique and stand out on social networks. Join us to learn more about this app below.

easy use
One of the main reasons users fear using photo and video editing apps is that they are often difficult to use. In general, graphics editors on PC often require users to be trained or at least take a short course to use them. Mobile apps are designed to be easier to use. However, reality shows that many of the existing apps still make it difficult for new users.

Therefore, the developer of CyberLink wants to make his app popular and friendly to all mobile users. Even people who have never used video editing apps before can use them after a few minutes.

Also, ActionDirector has many powerful editing features that can be complicated to use. Practical experience shows that anyone can create amazing videos with just a few taps and dragging a slider.

First, you need to click the edit item and select the video to edit. Users can name the project and choose one of the aspect ratios: 16:9, 9:19, and 1:1. They can then edit, add effects, and add color filters to the video via the unique toolbar at the bottom of the video. The toolbar is fully supported, so users won’t have to search for it. You can make all the settings with just a few clicks.

Easily edit your videos
ActionDirector allows users to change video speed from 1/8x to 8x. You can apply it to the entire video or any clip. One of the favorite features of the users is making videos in slow motion. Also, this is a new trend in the world as many phone manufacturers are introducing high-end camera phones. If your device doesn’t have this feature, you can try using ActionDirector.

First, select the clip you want to slow down on the timeline and drag the slider to the left. The set of tools on the Edit tab will help you make basic edits to your video. For example, you can crop, flip, rotate 90 degrees, or split. Similar to the video speed change feature, you can also apply your settings to all or part of the video. Color filters make your videos more attractive and reflect the mood you want to convey. The app allows users to install the available color filters and drag the sliders to adjust the contrast, color level, and brightness.

Repeat a section of the video.
This is our favorite feature. Users can create a segment of the video repeatedly, backward or forwards. This will help highlight critical moments. Your video will be more attractive. However, you should not adjust the number of repetitions more than necessary to avoid boredom.

Add text, voice, stickers, and more
I did the above edits but still feel your video is not attractive enough so please try adding audio to the video. ActionDirector allows users to add background music or short sound effects. You can select audio files from the App Store or download them from a removable memory.

Adding text is an indispensable feature of any video editing software. In a video, the text helps you clarify the content, get the message across, or simply declare copyright. ActionDirector is no exception. You can add text anywhere in the video by dragging the white bar on the timeline to where the text appears and choosing a template for it to appear on the screen.

Additionally, ActionDirector provides a sticker store for users to choose from. You can add a car, a photo frame, or a video icon. Your videos will be more interesting and attractive. Choose the right tag for the context of the video, which will help your video stand out and impress the viewer.

share and publish
The last step after completing all the edits is to click the “Produce” button in the top right corner of the screen to publish the video. The app supports video output in SD, HD, Full HD, and Ultra HD resolutions. Also, users can change the frame rate and bit rate by clicking more settings and adjusting the corresponding options.

ActionDirector Video Editor Cracked APK v7.3.0 [Mod Full Unlocked] 2023

What’s in the full version?

ActionDirector can be downloaded for free from the App Store. However, some functions will be limited. If you want more advanced features, you can pay a monthly rental for the full version. This version will contain the following features:

  • Export videos in quality up to 4K
  • remove watermark
  • no ads
  • Unlock all premium content
  • We also provide you the APK file of this app. There are mod features available that allow you to use all the featured features of this app for free.

It works best with:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 or higher
  • Samsung Exynos 7420 or higher
  • Nvidia Tegra K1 or better
  • MediaTek P10 or higher
  • [supported formats]
  • Video: H.263 (.3GP, .MP4, .MKV), H.264 AVC (.3GP, .MP4, .MKV), MPEG-4 SP (.3GP, MP4, MKV), VP8 (.MKV)
  • Music: WAV, MP3, MP4, M4A, AAC

configuration requirements

ActionDirector is only 37MB so it can run smoothly on many smartphones and tablets. Android 4.3 or later is required to install this app. If you want the app to work properly, your device must have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor or higher, Samsung Exynos 7420 or higher.


  • Android 4.3 (Jellybean) and above

How to install ActionDirector Video Editor :

1- Download APK
2- On your Android phone, go to settings > security > allow unknown source
2- Install
3- Done!

ActionDirector Video Editor Cracked APK v7.3.0 [Mod Full Unlocked] Latest The Link is Given Below

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