PHPMaker 2022.0.0 Crack, Keygen & Serial Key Free/Full Version

PHPMaker 2022.0.0 Crack Free, License Key & Activation Code With Keygen Full Version Latest Download

PHPMaker 2022.0.0 Crack is a powerful automation tool that can quickly generate a full set of PHP scripts from MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and SQLite databases. With PHPMaker, you can instantly create websites where users can view, edit, search, add, and delete records on the web. PHPMaker Serial Key can also generate summary reports, crosstab reports, and dashboards with JavaScript (HTML5) charts (column, bar, line, pie, pie, donut, multi-row, and stacked charts) to summarize and visualize your data.

PHPMaker 2022.0.0 Crack, Keygen & Serial Key Free/Full Version

PHPMaker Crack With Full Download is designed for high flexibility. Numerous options allow you to generate PHP applications that best suit your needs. The generated code is clean, straightforward, and easy to customize. The PHP scripts can be run on Windows or Linux servers. PHPMaker’s Latest Version saves you tons of time and is suitable for both beginners and experienced developers.

PHPMaker 2022.0.0 Crack With Serial Key Full Free Version Download

You can set up PHP parameters when it comes to page options (e.g. records per page, use the dropdown list for links, enable export to list page), and email settings.

In terms of HTML code, you can edit the title, character set, font, site icon, header logo, and footer text, as well as customize the theme (e.g. site header, left column, footer) and styles. Finally, you can log in with administrator rights, use an existing table, change default locations for the template files, application root, and destination, and create a blank page.

PHPMaker Crack Features:

  • Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access (Windows Server), Microsoft SQL Server (Windows Server), and Oracle.
  • Optional pages for listing, adding / copying, viewing, editing, deleting, multiple updates, and searching for each table/view.
  • Optional grid adds, grid edit, inline add, inline copy, inline delete, inline edit on the list page.
  • Referential integrity (enforce foreign key points for a valid record in the master table), cascade deletion, and cascade update.
  • Upload files to folder and database (supports uploading multiple files to a folder).
  • Optional user ID and extended security at the user level to protect data from unauthorized access (see security settings).
  • Complete user registration system with optional user activation, password expiration, failed, and concurrent login controls.
  • Create, modify, and delete database views with the built-in visual query generator.
  • Dynamic selection list with several displays and superordinate / filter fields (SELECT, RADIO, and CHECKBOX).
  • Scroll table on the list page (extension for registered users only).

PHPMaker 2022.0.0 Crack, Keygen & Serial Key Free/Full Version

What’s new in PHPMaker 2022?

  • Use the Bootstrap Toast message.
  • Use bootstrap-responsive tables.
  • Responsive table class.
  • AdminLTE layout class.
  • Use Font Awesome v4 shims.
  • Embed PDF documents.
  • Use URL rewriting.
  • Use Js Views.
  • Web root-relative path.

For report or chart

  • Show current filters.
  • Show empty series for diagram.
  • Show zero values ​​in the stacked chart.
  • Use the pop-up window to drill down.
  • Show drill-down filters.
  • CSS class of the diagram column (left or right).
  • CSS class of the diagram column (left and right).
  • The color palette for charts.

What’s new in PHPMaker 2022.0.0 Latest version?

  • Requires PHP> = 5.6.
  • Import reports from the PHP Report Maker project into the PHPMaker project.
  • Bootstrap 4 and AdminLTE 3 updated.
  • Overlay scrollbar extension (for adding scrollbars to pages with content wider than the screen).
  • Lookup permission to lookup tables.
  • Allow editing of primary keys that are not automatically incremented.
  • Always reset the password during password recovery to improve security.
  • Encrypt the username and password of the SMTP server.
  • Skip the encrypted password field when removing XSS (allow characters like “&”).
  • Disable removal of XSS for some fields after the server event.
  • Clean up internal redirect URL (e.g. change the language ID).
  • Allow overwriting of the custom template by overriding the helper function get Template ().
  • Simplified template and extensions.
  • Global Config () function for easy retrieval / definition of the configuration.
  • Supports MySQL and PostgreSQL BIT data type (requires PHP> = 7.1.11).
  • Support MySQL and PostgreSQL JSON data type as string type.
  • Generate .htaccess and web.config for URL rewrite (REST API).
  • Allow edit/copy default user-level permissions (PHPMaker UI).
  • Automatically use global 64-bit Node.js if available (PHPMaker user interface).
  • Updated FileManager extension (with Rich Filemanager only for registered users).
  • JsRender, Moment, jQuery file downloader, TimePicker, Dompdf, CKEditor, and TinyMCE have been updated.

What’s New in PHPMaker 2022

PHPMaker 2022 is another huge upgrade from the previous version. It is loaded with a bunch of new features, including many frequently requested ones. PHPMaker is probably the most powerful and flexible product of its kind, and yet still easy-to-use as always.

IMPORTANT If you upgrade from previous versions, please note that there are some breaking changes in this version, make sure you read Migrating to v2022 first.


PHPMaker 2022 generated applications now use the Slim Framework. Slim is a PHP micro-framework that helps you quickly write simple yet powerful web applications and APIs. Web servers should be configured to sends all appropriate requests to one “front-controller” PHP file, the index.php, in which the Slim app is instantiated. The Slim app contains routes that respond to specific HTTP requests.

Each page in previous versions (e.g. /carsview.php?ID=1) is now a route (e.g. /carsview/1 or /cars/view/1). Each route invokes a callback and must return the PSR-7 Response object. With the Slim app, you can use not only routing but also other advanced features such as middleware and dependency containers.

Enhanced Validation

  • Validate all fields before submit
  • Show invalid feedback below the fields
  • Focus the first invalid field
  • Work with server-side validation

PHPMaker 2022.0.0 Crack, Keygen & Serial Key Free/Full Version

Field Input Help Text (Custom Message)

  • Set up in Edit Tag panel (support Multi-Language), or
  • Set up by server event as CustomMsg property of field objects

Enhanced Charts

  • Up to 4 trend lines
  • charts-plugin-annotation.js
  • charts-plugin-data labels

PHPMaker 2022.0.0 Crack, Keygen & Serial Key Free/Full Version

New Advanced Settings

  • Log SQL to file
  • Log error to file
  • Environment
  • Generate production config file
  • Compile container for production
  • Add no validate attribute to form
  • Connection info of production server (JSON)
  • MySQL driver – MySQL or pdo_mysql
  • Sort option – Toggle or Tristate
  • Invalid user name characters
  • Invalid password characters
  • Use Bootstrap switch for boolean fields
  • API custom headers (for Apache/IIS)
  • Git repo URL
  • Git user name
  • Git password
  • Git auto fetch
  • Git auto fetch period (seconds)
  • Prompt for Git commit message

New Server Events

  • Route_Action – For adding user-defined routes
  • Api_Action – For adding user-defined API actions
  • Container_Build – For adding user-defined services


  • Require PHP >= 7.2
  • PSR-12 coding standard
  • Load classes by PSR-4
  • Replace ADOdb with DBAL and PDO (Remove support for MS Access)
  • Logger for logging SQL and errors
  • Error handler and error page
  • Development/Production environment (for database connection info, SMTP, and JWT settings)
  • User Level Security supports multiple user levels for each user
  • Save locale settings in the project
  • New URL connection script to simulate a direct connection
  • Handle SQLite INTEGER field with CHECKBOX Edit Tag as a boolean field
  • Fixed header table extension supports user permission setup page
  • CAPTCHA extensions support two CAPTCHAs (one on the page, the other in modal dialog)
  • Allow user-defined string functions for selecting in View Tag
  • Support accept and capture attributes for file upload fields
  • Clear sorting in List pages by Shift-Clicking table column header
  • Save state of AdminLTE Sidebar
  • Show version in the project history
  • Searchbox for a table (Database pane)
  • Searchbox for output files (Generate form)
  • Allow unloading loaded table (for “Load tables dynamically”)
  • JavaScript compressor with ES6+ support
  • Moment, jQuery File Upload, TimePicker, dompdf, CKEditor, and TinyMCE updated
  • Many other minor improvements

PHPMaker 2022.0.0 Serial Key and Username:




System Requirements 2022:

  • Windows Vista/2008/2012/2016/7/8/10
  • .NET Framework 4.0 (or newer)

How To Crack PhpMaker With Keygen 2020?

  • Download Phpmaker Crack.
  • Disconnect from the Internet (most recommended).
  • Unzip and install the program (start the configuration).
  • Run the program (as administrator) and register with the key.
  • Use Keygen to generate a license key.

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